Welcome to Red Barn's 3D architectural and mechanical Rendering Portfolio's.
Here we showcase our unique 3d Architectural rendering, Mechanical modeling and other design skills.
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Interior Exterior Architectural 3d renderings

Architectural 3d rendering

Red Barn's 3D Architectural interior and exterior rendering portfolios will show you how we can assist you in visualizing your design in 3D. We can work from your CAD plan or from an image or just from your idea. Interior architectural portfolioExterior architectural portfolio

mechanical 3d rendering

3D Mechanical rendering

We use your technical drawing, CAD design plan or from a photo with dimensions. We can render a realistic image of your machine, engine part, truck, car or just about anything else. All our models are 100% accurate solid 3d models.Mechanical modeling & rendering portfolio

photo realistic 3d model

Models of Virtually anything

We enjoy a challenge! Photo real renderings of your products. Furniture models, carpets, curtains, single objects or fully rendered scenes. You can use these in your brochures or marketing and advertising campaigns3d model portfolio


More information about Red Barn's rendering service

Our menu below will give you links to more information about architectural visualization, 3d modeling and our 3d model and scene shop. Also, some interesting tips on how to work with a renderer and what to expect from us.

Our process is pretty simple to understand and our rendering and modelling price list will give you an idea of just how affordable Red Barn's artworks are.

So if you are impressed by our portfolios, please be sure to contact us. We will be happy to send you an absolutely FREE quote for your rendering or 3d model.

Our rendering price is still one of the lowest of all architectural rendering companies. Red Barn is a small rendering firm which ensures that you get the best rendering prices and the highest quality illustrations and modelling.

Our architectural renders, 3d models, mechanical rendering, furniture rendering, animation and architectural illustration services are all just an email away

If you are looking for professional 3d visualization, why not check out our 3d architectural rendering porfolios? We showcase some of our interior renderings, exterior , commercial, and residential renderings and furniture models on this site.

Red Barn are also able to do animations and walkthroughs (flythrough) at affordable prices. All our models are photo realistic (photorealistic) computer renderings.

They are exquisitely detailed architectural illustrations that can be used in interior design, architectural presentation and marketing materials for property developers and real estate agents.

Red Barn also designs and maintains websites. We enjoy designing web sites using stunning bold graphic design. Our prices for webdesign are extremely reasonable. Have a look at our portfolio of websites here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Red Barn Free range chicken, eggs and pork

I'm sure you think it is strange to have a rendering site and a free range farm! Well that's who we are and what we do. Red Barn grows absolutely fantastic free range chicken and free range eggs. Our rendering studio is on the farm so we can do both. If you landed on this page don't worry you ARE in the right place. Go to the free range chicken site here or you can go straight to the free-range online shop. We also have a blog about free range everything it's a South African site - you can read more about the Fowl woman and her free range ideas