How to get the best out of your 3d renderer

Red Barn's rendering experts are here to do their very best to create a stunning 3d image of your design!

You can help us to get it right in the shortest time possible by supplying us with the best information you can find. If you want us to "paint" you a realisic visualization of what you have in your mind you need to give us as much as you can. However, there are times when our clients want us to come up with ideas, we will gladly do so, all you need to say is "here is the room, go wild" you never know what you might get!

If you have specific requirements it's best to follow these tips and tricks for your rendering.

Images - we love them!

model of a fireplace in 3dbasket weave high res texturefabric materials rendered scenes

Here are some examples of how you can send us useable information for your rendering, images, sketches, or website links.

couch 3d modelfurniture model renderornaments for your interior rendering

Cad plans, pdf plans and hand sketches?

We can use all of the above or just one, remember more information is better! We are experts at what we do and that includes interpreting your ideas and turning them into detailed 3d illustrations.

This is a great hand sketch of a piece of furniture that a client asked us to make for him.

Red Barn made a 3d model and applied the wood that he specified and we got it right first time!

If you can't draw this well, don't worry we can still understand!

Material for TV furniture

wood textures

Textures and colours - supply the highest resolution images you can

Textures and colours are crucial to a rendering. Every computer screen is different, it is almost impossible for us to see EXACTLY what you see on your screen, that is why it is best to send us image samples of your colour or textures.

If you say, make it wood, we will try to blend a wood into the room, but then, personal taste comes into it and we can get stuck for hours trying to imagine what type of wood you are visualizing!

Material samples, send us the biggest images you can. Creating realistic images requires us to use high resolutions, in layman's terms that means BIG images. You can really help your renderer by sending textures in high resolution if you can!

use high resolution images for 3d rendering texturestextures for 3d renderingshi res floor tile images for 3d models Give us a sample of your colours or use a Colour chart with HEX numbers - you can't go wrong with these!

You get out what you put in.

Even though we are working in virtual reality, the truth is the same as in real life. You get out what you put in.

We can make a photoreal image for you from our imagination, but its your imagination we want to visualize. To help your renderer, and avoid confusion or guess work, it would be hugely advantageous if you send us plenty of details.

Photo realistic 3d renderings of virtually anything

virtually anything in 3d

From mechanical models, to architectural renderings, to detailed illustrations, Red Barn can create VIRTUALLY anything in 3D..