The rendering process

Red Barn would like to "educate" our clients a little as to the rendering process. Mostly our clients have no idea as to the complexities involved in rendering a 3d scene.

Like any artwork a rendering is subject to personal taste. We try to ascertain at the beginning of the project, exactly what your requirements are and what you like and don’t like. The more specific the information you give us the easier it is for us to visualize your rendering.

Architectural rendering, using CGI (Computer generated Imagery) is very like taking a photograph when it comes to lighting. If you change a colour in the room or a texture AFTER the final preview it can affect the whole image just as it would in real life. So it's important for our clients to know when changes can be made and to what extent the changes will affect the image..

Our process applies to ALL types of rendering, from mechanical objects to full architectural realistic scenes.

How we create your 3d rendering

Phase 1 - 3D wireframe scene.

This is like a wire model of the entire scene. All objects and structural elements are in place but no materials, colors or lighting is present. At this stage we have added all the items that you have requested and set up a view angle that we think would best show off your 3d space. From this 3d Model we will make a grey scale image

Phase 2 – The Greyscale Preview

This is your first preview which will be emailed to you for checking. We use grey scale (black and white) so as not to confuse you at this stage.

This image is for you to check the following:

• The structure of the room or building

• The position of windows, doors etc

• That all the elements/objects are correct as per your specifications

• The view angle is suitable for your requirements

NOW is the time to change things that you are not happy with! If you can draw on the image, explaining your changes, that’s great! If not you can send us a detailed text describing what you would like us to do. It's best not to change the view angle after this stage.

Phase 3 – Color, Texture and Lighting Preview

Now we apply colors and textures that you have supplied us with, such as floor coverings, fabrics, artworks, paint finishes, etc.

Everything should now be in place and we add the lighting.

We will email you the Color, Texture and Lighting Preview for your comments.

At this stage you can still change things and move them around before we go to the Final Preview. We normally allow for 3 changes.

Phase 4 - The Final View

From here on the rendering process takes a lot of computer time (from 1 hour to 6 hours) as the computer has to calculate each and every object and it's lighting.

We send you the Final View and hope that there are no changes or mistakes!

Changes at this stage could incur further charges, so it's best to check and re-check before your final view. We always ask you if you are ready to go to the final image!

Your photo realistic 3d architectural rendering is complete you can use it for all types of marketing and visualization.

Read more about the application of 3d renderings at our Frequently asked questions page