3d Rendering Prices

Rendering, visualizing, animation and 3d modeling are complex processes. To create a photo realistic image from a hand sketch, CAD plan or idea, firstly requires huge artistic ability. Computer skill, using a variety of programs such as 3D Studio Max, V-ray, AutoCAD, Photo Shop, animation software is an absolute necessity. Our renderers need to constantly study and upgrade to keep ahead.

The computer systems we use are enormous and also have to be constantly upgraded. It's not a cheap business!

However we try to keep our rendering prices way below the industry standard, while maintaining the highest quality image output.

We will always give you a personalized rendering quotation for each and every job. Remember, we can create Virtually anything in 3D.

3D Interior Architectural Renderings

To give you an idea of pricing for a simple render of a bedroom, for example, we would charge in the region of $450.00. It could be more or it could be less!

Red Barn will evaluate your requirements individually. The more information you can give us the less we will charge!

The client gave us all the materials required for this room and the CAD plan so we were able to do this rendering in 3 days at a cost of $350.00!

If you require another view angle of the same room we are able to do that for 50% of the original cost.

Walkthroughs and animations are quoted seperately.

Have a look at our Interior rendering portfolios here.

3D Exterior Architectural Renderings

Exterior rendering homeA quotation for an exterior rendering, will once again depend on the complexity of your project and the information you give us to work with.

An idea of pricing to work with would be about $480.00 per exterior view.

Exterior renders take a little more computer time, due to the complicated lighting setups and the size of the 3d model that we need to create.

This family home rendering was created for our client for $400.00. The client also ordered a view in summer which was done for a further $200.00.

Red Barn can handle simple homes like this one or large scale projects such as hotels, apartment blocks and other building complexes.

Have a look at out exterior rendering portfolios here.

Mechanical 3D models

Reverse engineering, rapid-prototyping and 3d mechanical modeling is quoted for on an individual project basis.

To give you an idea this model was created for our client for $220.00. Red Barn created a whole catalogue of parts like this and in this type of case we do discuss "bulk discounts". The possibilities are endless. We can model Virtually anything!

The applications for this type of 3D modeling can vary from mechanical catalogues to advertising materials including labels and product packaging designs.

Animation of these parts is quoted seperately, for somewhere around $50.00 per second, also obviously depending on the complexity of the 3d model.

See our mechanical 3d rendering portfolio here

Furniture models in 3D

3d furniture modeling is an art and we are the experts.

Any type of furniture can be realistically re-created in 3d for use in catalogues and for websites promoting furniture design.

This model was created by Red Barn for a private person at a cost of $150.00. He supplied us with a hand sketch and approximate measurements and an image of something similar. We visualized his idea!

Red Barn is highly skilled in creating 3d furniture using AutoCAD and other programs we can even prepare the cutting list for furniture manufacture.

Rather than taking a photograph, modeling of furniture allows you to change the colour and texture of the design which can be placed virtually in the clients room or in a different setting without the need for expensive photo shoots.

The model of the furniture can also be placed on the clients website for download by architects and interior designers thereby encouraging them to use the manufacturers products.

3d Furniture models = great marketing tools

Our 3d model portfolio is here


2d and 3d Floorplans

3d floor plan A great way to show clients their space in 3D.

Very often people have problems reading plans. A simple 3D floor plan shows a client exactly where everything is.

3d floorplans are fantastic marketing tools for real estate developers, estate agents, architects and interior designers.

This is a simple example of a 3d floor plan in an apartment block. It was created for a client to pre-sell his units from plan. The cost of this model was $300.00. Once again if there are more than one model we will give you a discount.

From this model we can easily do an interior rendering of any of the rooms. If the model has been created, the views will be at half of the normal price.

Providing Red Barn with a CAD plan, the textures and colours, and a detailed layout will reduce the price of the rendering.

We are capable of handling large projects or simple one's such as this example.

A 3d floorplan like this would take appoximately 4 days to create.

We provide secure credit card processing facilities and an option to purchase using PayPal.

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Red Barn can render VIRTUALLY ANYTHING in 3D

Whatever it is that you need, give us a try, we will be happy to quote you based on your requirements.

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