About Red Barn 3D Architectural rendering Studio

Red Barn is associated with RenderIT.cc, and 3d Rendering scene. In fact all three sites are "sister" companies, run by a small but highly skilled collaboration of architectural rendering experts. (and family members!)

We were one of the very first online architectural rendering companies, supplying quality renderings including 2D floor plans, architectural illustrations, photomontage, aerial rendering, interior architectural imagery, exterior 3d images and in general 3d visualizations of houses, offices, apartment buildings and landscapes. Our clients are international and range from private people to property developers and building contractors.

3d architectural rendering of a kitchenobject model in 3dtoy car in virtual reality


What we do! Virtually anything 3d

The Red Barn design studio was created to compliment our other sites.

We cater for our clients on a very personal level, communicating with you daily with regard to your project's progress. We are able to do this because we are still a small company and hope to remain so!

It's quite simple, we create absolutely stunning 3d graphics of all kinds. Using the industry standard 3D Studio Max and V-ray lighting for maximum photo-realism, we are able to re-create a CGI virtual graphic that will impress you or your client.

Where is Red Barn? What do we do besides rendering?

We are everywhere you need us to be, because we focus on web service! No need for expensive offices, so we can keep your render prices as low as possible.

We are work from our Free Range chicken farm, Red Barn, near George Airport, on the Garden Route in South Africa. In between managing rendering projects we grow Free Range Chickens! Filip and Lindy are passionate about Free range farming. We have developed UNIQUE chicken houses (chicken tractors) where we house our free range laying hens and broilers. Red Barn has a small shop on the farm selling chicken directly to the public and also an ONLINE chicken store, where you can buy our chicken products.Our chickens grow up on pasture, they eat only the finest grain and are FREE to roam as they wish. The result is happy, healthy and delicious chicken! Visit our chicken site or have a look at our free range blog

free range chickens from Red Barnchickens day old free range broiler chicksfree-range chickens free range eggs

Our Rendering Services

Red Barn can create anything "virtually" with CGI or computer generated graphics.

The applications for this type of work are endless here are a just a few examples:

  • architectural interior rendering
  • architectural exterior rendering
  • photomontage - insert your new building into an existing surround
  • mechanical modeling
  • advertising brochures
  • product brochures - like a furniture catalogue
  • new product visualization
  • property development billboards
  • 3D floor plans
  • Book covers
  • Artworks


The Team

Our team are highly skilled and we all love what we do. We have different people for different 3d applications. Our architect keeps a close eye on the quality of our renderings. The most important thing is to make sure that our clients understand the rendering process and are completely satisfied with the outcome of their special project.

Red Barn, RenderIT and our online 3d model shop, 3D Rendering Scene are here to help! Create anything VIRTUALLY in 3D!